Chimney repair

All employees in the company have a chimney sweep education, a license to provide chimney sweep services and many years of experience. In addition to staff with a vocational chimney school, the company also has staff with V., VI. in VII. (university) level of education.

Due to the development of its activities, the chimney company American Chimney Sweeps is active in professional associations such as the Institute for Standardization (SIST) and the European Technical Committee for Standardization (CEN), and also cooperates with other experts and institutions, including the Crafts and Entrepreneurship Chambers of USA. The company’s management is aware that the quality of the company’s operations and activities requires the exchange of knowledge between companies within the activity, the transfer of knowledge between related activities (within professional associations), the transfer of knowledge from research institutions (institutes, faculties) and the exchange of knowledge abroad.

The company is aware of the mission of the chimney sweep business, whose task in times of climate change is primarily to reduce the burden of the environment with emissions and efficient energy use. Professional chimney sweeps, on the other hand, have been preventing carbon monoxide poisoning for many years, and with the return of heating to traditional wood fuel and changes in construction, the aspect of fire safety is once again being highlighted. In the future, the challenge will be to prevent incorrect and the installation of unsuitable heating devices, especially solid fuel heating devices, which, even under the pretext of lower prices at the expense of poorer quality, lead to excessive air pollution.

The company operates for the benefit of the user of chimney sweeping services, as stipulated by the Chimney Sweeping Services Act. Therefore, we strictly adhere to the principle of independence from the sale, design, servicing and installation of heating and flue systems. Only in this way can we offer protection to consumers at a concrete level in addition to our professional activities. Conflicts of interest are prohibited by law.