Chimney Sweep

Cleaning of heating and flue devices is the oldest chimney sweep service. Therefore, in combination with regular inspections and measurements of emissions of substances in flue gases, it is still an important component of prevention, which achieves its results only with regular implementation.

With regular cleaning of heating, flue and ventilation devices:

  • ensure fire safe operation of devices,
  • reduces fuel consumption and environmental pollution (1 mm of soot in the combustion chamber means 4-6% of the loss, which is reflected in additional fuel consumption and consequently higher financial expenditure),
  • reduces the possibility of a chimney fire, but if the chimney fire already occurs, the damage is minimal or non-existent,
  • ensure uninterrupted supply of combustion air for fuel combustion and flue gas discharge through the flue system,
  • reduces the possibility of flue gases escaping into the premises and consequent poisoning of people with carbon monoxide (CO),
  • provide adequate ventilation of rooms with heating devices and in multi-apartment buildings of rooms with gas stoves.